Download on this page press releases, press kits and visual displays of exhibitions underway. These documents are only for the press, for the promotion of the activities of Mudam Luxembourg. Any other use, particularly commercial use, is formally forbidden. The documents are, unless mentioned to the contrary in the list of captions and/or the press kit on the page devoted to the event, free from rights, on the condition that the obligatory comments accompany the reproduction of these documents. To receive other images (exhibitions, building),
 please contact the press service.


Bert Theis. Building Philosophy – Cultivating Utopia
Press kit and images (45 MB)

Jutta Koether . Tour de Madame
Press kit and images (107 MB)

Nairy Baghramian . Privileged Points
Press kit and images (97 MB)

Figures sensibles . Photographies de la Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (76 MB)

Adam Linder . Full Service
Press kit and images (34 MB)

Jeff Wall . Appearance
Press kit and images (122 MB)

Artistic Programme . Autumn 2018
Press kit and images (161 MB)

Susumu Shingu . Spaceship
Press kit and images (72 MB)

Katinka Bock . Smog / Tomorrow's Sculpture
Press kit and images (111 MB)

No Man's Land
Press kit and images (56 MB)

João Penalva
Press kit and images (40 MB)

Su-Mei Tse . Nested
Press kit and images (99 MB)

Flatland / Abstractions narratives #2
Press kit and images (46 MB)

Hard to Picture . A Tribute to Ad Reinhardt
Press kit and images (160 MB)

Mary Reid Kelley
Press kit and images (128 MB)

Martin Eder . Psychic
Press kit and images (26 MB)

Double Coding . Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (272 MB)

Tony Cragg, Darren Almond, Samuel Gratacap
Press kit and images (48 MB)

Programme artistique 2017
Press kit and images (36 MB)

Cristina Lucas . Trading Transcendence
Press kit and images (43 MB)

Wim Delvoye
Press kit and images (68 MB)

Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman: Tempting Art
Press kit and images (7 MB)

Fiona Tan, Damien Deroubaix, Sarah Oppenheimer, Beatrice Gibson, Quiz 2
Press kit and images (220 MB)

Eppur si muove. Art and technology, a shared sphere
Press kit and images (113 MB)

Filip Markiewicz : Paradiso Lussemburgo, 56e Biennale de Venise
Press kit and images (18 MB)

David Altmejd, Franz Erhard Walther & Memory Lab
Press kit and images (57 MB)

Mudam Programmation 2015
Press kit and images (71 MB)

Sylvie Blocher. S'Inventer autrement
Press kit and images (20 MB)

Rui Moreira. I Am a Lost Giant in a Burnt Forest
Press kit and images (16 MB)

Art & Me. Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (12 MB)

Solides Fragiles
Press kit and images (37 MB)

Damage Control. Art and Destruction Since 1950
Press kit and images (38 MB)

Heimo Zobernig
Press kit and images (46 MB)

Design City 2014 – LXBG Biennale. Into the Process
Press kit and images (23 MB)

Never for Money, Always for Love
Press kit and images (252 MB)

NY-LUX. Edward Steichen Award 2004-2014
Press kit and images (24 MB)

Lee Bul
Press kit and images (605 MB)

Chen Chieh-jen
Press kit and images (12 MB)

Elmar Trenkwalder
Press kit and images (6 MB)

J'ouvre les yeux et tu es là. Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (29 MB)

Yuri Suzuki : Looks Like Music
Press kit and images (24 MB)

Lutz & Guggisberg: The Forest
Press kit and images (39 MB)

Thea Djordjadze: our full
Press kit and images (139 MB)

L'Image papillon, Folkert de Jong, Mudam Collection & Poppy
Press kit and images (61 MB)

Artistic Program 2013
Press kit and images (188 MB)

Dieu est un fumeur de Havanes & Thomas Hirschhorn
Press kit and images (47 MB)

Atelier Luxembourg & OnLAB
Press kit and images (84 MB)

Exhibitions June-September 2012
Press kit and images (86 MB)

Design City 2012
Press kit and images (52 MB)

Les Détours de l'abstraction
Dossier de presse et visuels (27 MB)
Exhibitions February-May 2012

Press kit and images (45 MB)

I've dreamt about. Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (99 MB)

Mondes inventés, Mondes habités
Press kit and images (80 MB)

Recovering - Soundscapes & Views
Press kit and image (4 MB)

Mudam Loves You. 5th Birthday Weekend
Press kit and images (36 MB)

Exhibitions June-September 2011
Press kit (2 MB)

Mac Adams
Images (15 MB)

Melvin Moti: The inner self in outer space
Images (5MB)

Out of Storage III: Replay
Images (8MB)

John Stezaker
Images (11MB)

Pascale Marthine Tayou: Black Forest
Images (13MB)

Walking through... Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (51MB)

Out-of-Sync — The Paradoxes of Time
Press kit and images (33MB)

Suchan Kinoshita. Stick Empathy
Press kit and image (2MB)

Suzanne Lafont. Situation Comedy
Press kit and image (442KB)

Daniel Buren. Architecture, contre-architecture : transposition. Travail in situ
Press kit and images (10MB)

Premier étage - Second degré. Collection Mudam
Press kit and images (42MB)

Exhibitions October 2010
Press kit and images (38MB)

Plan culturel Park Dräi Eechelen
Press kit (1MB) and images (24MB)

Sketches of Space
Press kit and images (16MB)

Mudam Collection
Press kit and images (27MB)

Design City Luxembourg - Edition 0 by Mudam
Press kit and images (32MB)

Exhibition Brave New World
Press kit and images (74MB)

Book Mudam - Le bâtiment de Ieoh Ming Pei
Press release

Programme and News 2010
Press Kit

Semaine Jeunes Publics
Press release

Edward Steichen Award 2010
Press release

Concerning shootings at Mudam:
 camerawork and filming are submitted for authorisation to the press service.
 Any request must include
 the supporting media, the distribution, the subject, as well as the contact information of the person in charge of the project.

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