Haluk Akakçe (1970) creates drawings and mural paintings as well as videos that he devises as a logical follow-on to his pictorial work. These digital animations, often abstract compositions which transform themselves, are accompanied by music, and form visual narrations of metamorphoses which illustrate sometimes very human experiences. Change, solitude, calm or agitation, Akakçe attempts, in his own terms, to “visualise emotions”. 

Still Life

Still Life (2002) shows, in a double projection, spaces and objects perceived from two different points of view. For the artist, this simultaneity is comparable to the simultaneous perception by the two hemispheres of the human brain. He represents here some of the most classic dualities, like the couples of “right and left, feminine – masculine or nature and capital”.

Views of the exhibition Mudam Luxembourg

Haluk Akakce

Still Life, 2002
Installation, double video screening
Color and sound
4 min
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2002
© Video stills: galerie Bernier/Eliades
View of the exhibition Le meilleur des mondes, Mudam Luxembourg, 31/01/2010 – 23/05/2010
© Photo: Andrés Lejona