The Potemkin Lock Project

Bert Theis
The Potemkin Lock Project – Venice Biennale 1995 & Mudam Luxembourg 2012, 1995/2012
Série de 9 photographies encadrées, maquette originale du projet, mini-CD du Potemkin Lock Venic Rap BTMD, documentation vidéo réalisée par Mariette Schiltz, 11 chaises longues, catalogue signé par l’artiste, Potemkin Lock best national pavilion : carte postale encadrée et signée par Kaspar König, plans de construction du pavillon à Venise
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2014 

Vues de l’exposition Atelier Luxembourg, The Venice Biennale Projects 1988 – 2011, Mudam Luxembourg, 13/10/2012 – 24/02/2013
© Photos : Aurélien Mole


Bert Theis (1952) replies to the monumentality of the building with modular mobility. Adapting his platform work to the space of Mudam and inspired directly from the room plans, he has created seating that can adapt itself to any configuration. The six elements that make up the Drifters are like pieces of a puzzle that slide around and develop haphazardly in the museum like so many icebergs. As an artist summoning up meaning and knowledge he thus joins together the functional and the poetic as well as design and application.

Bert Theis
Drifters, 2005-2006
Painted wood
Variable dimensions
Commission and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Production 2006 avec le soutien de l’ABP
© Photos: Rémi Villaggi

Fuad labord

Bert Theis
Fuad labord, 2003
Double colour video projection, sound
13 min 51 sec et 5 min 5 sec
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2003
© Bert Theis

Out for Isola

Bert Theis
Out for Isola
, 2004
Digital print on tarpaulin
220 x 393 cm
Production and Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2004
© Photo: Bert Theis

Currently at Mudam

The Drifters by Bert Theis are permanently on show at Mudam.


Bert Theis : Building Philosophy