14/09/2019 - 01/05/2020

Worlds in Motion is a thematic presentation of paintings, sculptural installations, photography and film by some 15 contemporary artists from the Mudam Collection that address or embody movement as a physical and perceptual event. 

Conrad Shawcross, Slow Arc Inside a Cube IV, 2009, Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Acquisition 2011 © Photo : Conrad Shawcross

The attentive eye of photographer Jochen Lempert (*1958) extracts beauty from its most unassuming manifestations, such as a glow worm in flight becoming a luminous, blurry trail on a black background, while Robert Breer (1926-2011), a pioneer of experimental animated film, accelerates the succession of images and drawings, testing the limits of our perceptive capacity. The Jump (1978) by Jack Goldstein (1945- 2003) embraces rotoscopy, a cinematographic technique that emerged at the end of the 19th century, to transform the filmed jump of a diver into a mechanical image, wrested from reality. 

The light installation Slow Arc Inside a Cube IV (2009) by Conrad Shawcross (*1977) recalls the kinetic experiments of European and Latin American artists of the 1950s, such as Gianni Colombo, or Soto, as well as the animated sculpture of Zilvinas Kempinas (*1969), that seems to challenge the laws of gravity with lightness and poetry. The movement of the world and more broadly of the cosmos emerges from the works of Francisco Tropa (*1968) and Attila Csörgo (*1965). Working across the boundaries of science and art, Csörgo conceives a fragile puppet theatre in which various geometric shapes, all symbols of the physical elements and the cosmos, appear and disappear in a carefully calibrated choreography.